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Corporate Identity Verification

Auditor: Vicky Chen

    In Order to bridge trust between buyers and sellers, “Corporate Identity Verification” of TÜV Rheinland Group provide additional confidence and let them know that this information had been verified by independent third party certification audit.
    This report only presents the documents, files and information which collected from audited enterprise of TÜV Rheinland Group, not including the subjective analysis of the enterprise status, legal advice, any suggestions related to legal issues, any compliance of local/international requirements and product testing compliance.
    This report reflects our findings for the particular company in concern on the date of our service only and does not discharge or release the factory/sellers/suppliers from their commercial, legal or contractual obligations with buyers in respect of products provided by the factory/sellers/suppliers. Any reader other than the party for which this report has been specifically issued is hereby informed that the General Conditions of Service of TÜV Rheinland contain liability limitation provisions.